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What is 4-Ever ?

To help you get ready for this very special day, you can create your own wedding website. You can customise it for the look you want. Correspond with all your guests with updates on the activities you're planning. The more details your guests have, the more successful your wedding day will be. 4-ever provides easy-to-use tools to ensure all your needs are covered. Including photo and video sharing, guest book, gift list, blog, newsletters, practical information as to the location, hotels and much more. All the information regarding your wedding will be available on your site for friends and family.

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We immediately fell in love with the wedding site: the design is very sleek and the features are really practical and convenient. All our friends are connected to the Internet. We have gone through all stages of preparation for our wedding, writing online about our plans all along. The wedding and the reception were superb! Since all our guests saw all the work involved behind the scenes building up to the big day, they appreciated everything even more. In fact, the wedding...

We instantly saw the benefit of recommending 4-ever to our wedding clients. We often need to convey a lot of logistical information to guests, such as lists of suggested hotels, weekend activities and events, wedding gifts, transport, etc. Including the contact details for any wedding planner.
We now have the majority of our brides and grooms using All the features enable them to update their details before sending the link to all their guests. This also helps...